Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute to Turbonegro

Tributo a banda norueguesa Turbonegro.



Nashville Pussy “The Age of Pamparius”
Therapy? “Denim Demon”
Amulet “Hate The Kids”
Supersuckers “Get It On”
Bela B. & Denim Girl “Are You Ready For Some Darkness?”
Queens of the Stone Age “Back to Dungaree High”
HIM “Rendezvous With Anus”
Satyricon “I Got Erection”
Maryslim “No Beast So Fierce”
Scot Free “Rock Against Ass”
Nullskattesnylterne “Sailor Man”
Hot Water Music “Prince of the Rodeo”
Griffin “Bad Mongo”
Zeke “Midnight NAMBLA”
Peepshows “Just Flesh”
Spacebitch “Don’t say Motherfucker, Motherfucker”
Motorpsycho “He’s A Grungewhore”
ADZ “Good Head”
The Dwarves/Splittin Wix “Hobbit Motherfuckers”
Puffball “Zonked Out On Hashish”
Motosierra “Hobbit Motherfuckers”
Samesugas “(I Fucked) Betty Page” (Galician lyrics)
Ratos de Porão “Suburban Anti-Christ”
Real McKenzies “Sailor Man”
Toby Dammit “Prince of the Rodeo”