D.R.I Tribute: We Don’t Need Society

Tributo pro D.R.I, lançado em 2002.



Mirrormen -Karma
Electric Frankenstein -Plastique
Ratos De Porao -Reagonomics / Sad To Be
Deceased -Mad Man
Capitalist Casualties -Dennis’s Problem
Fartz -Coffin
Hollywood Hate -Violent Pacification
Bloodred Bacteria -No Sense
Very Metal -Tear It Down
L’amico Di Martucci -My Fate To Hate
Reality’s End -Dry Heaves
Mala Suerte -Commuter Man
40 Grit -Nursing Home Blues
Deface -Busted / Busted Again
Sappy Bell -Tone Deaf
Butcher -Couch Slouch
Zero Bullshit -God Is Broke
Mercury Legion -Under The Overpass
Mr. Bungle -I Don’t Need Society (live)
Milkmen -Problem Addict
Candy Striper Death Orgy -Think For Yourself
Crosstops -Money Stinks
Retox -Snap
North Side Kings -I’d Rather Be Sleeping
Eight Bucks Experiment -I’m The Liar
Victory Flag -Gone Too Long
Holy Moses -5 Year Plan
Strap-Ons -Closet Punk
Total Fucking Destruction -Yes Ma’am
Bloodshot Hooligans -Equal People
Crash -Acid Rain
Shut The Fuck Up -Slit My Wrist
Chopcore -Thrash Hard
Resort To Distort -Slumlord
Jackalopes -Coffin
Mcjesus -Dry Heaves
Retox -I’d Rather Be Sleeping